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Trance Meditation with Ganesha

Posted in For Fun,Meditation by Harmony on November 30, 2009

Before starting the following video, find a quiet location and a comfortable meditation position. This meditation session is just under 10 minutes long. It is not a guided session, so you may wish to have a ‘mantra’. Focus your eyes on the video, focus your mind on your mantra, and let the sounds guide you.

If you are a beginner and want to learn how to meditate, you might want to consider a guided meditation session such as Meditation Moments.  The short sessions is easy for beginners or for those with busy schedules.


Sandbags aren't just for Yoga

Posted in Core/Fitness,How-To,SandBags by Harmony on November 27, 2009

The following video shows a variety of core & fitness exercises you can do with a sandbag. We offer sandbags at Harmony that can be filled to any desired weight up to 10lbs. They are delivered empty to help save on shipping, and can be quickly filled with any dry good – play sand, beans, rice, grains, etc. We have them listed under our Yoga category, but obviously they can be used as a soft weight to add to your fitness routines as well…

Pilates with Ring (aka Magic Circle)

Posted in How-To,Pilates,Pilates Ring by Harmony on November 26, 2009

This following video shows a multitude of exercises that you can do with the Pilates Ring, which is also known as the Magic Circle. We offer two kinds of Pilates Rings:    The Circle Pro and the Toning Ring with Cushioned Grips.

I liked the video because I felt it was instructional and humorous, but there is a feedback in the video that is annoying. If you can suffer through that sound, you can get some good pointers. Hopefully the New Delhi accents won’t throw anyone for a loop.

Kundalini Yoga on the Ball

Posted in For Fun,Stability Ball / Yoga Ball,Yoga by Harmony on November 24, 2009

A series of short clips of a DVD, this video will introduce you to how to incorporate a Yoga Ball (aka Stability Ball) into your practice.  The video is less than 4 min and is located in a beautiful setting – perhaps Utah?  I’m guessing.


Meditation Practice – Enlightenment

Posted in How-To,Meditate,Meditation by Harmony on November 23, 2009

The following article was found at Yoga Journal and teaches us a meditation to focus on peace and happiness:

Practice Enlightenment Meditation

This practice is adapted from the Vijana Bhairava, an ancient and very powerful Sanskrit meditation text.

Step by Step

Sitting quietly, begin to become aware of the part of you that is aware. Something in you knows that you’re alive, that you’re breathing, that you’re thinking. It’s subtle and hidden, but that witnessing part of you is the basis of everything you experience.

Next, think of a loved one. Bring to mind someone to whom you feel close and think to yourself, “With all of our differences of personality and history, we both share consciousness. At the most fundamental level, the level of awareness, we are one.” If that seems too abstract, consider, “Like me, this person seeks happiness. This person too feels pain.” The more you can identify yourself with awareness, and recognize the awareness in the other person, the more deeply you will feel kinship.

Now think of an acquaintance. Bring to mind someone about whom you feel neutral, and have the same recognition: that there is one consciousness in both of you.

Think of an enemy. Bring to mind someone you dislike, perhaps someone you regard as an enemy, or a public figure you hold in low esteem. Remind yourself, “Different as we may be, the same consciousness dwells in that person as in me. On the level of awareness, we are one.”

Feel the energy. Expand this idea to include the physical world, and allow yourself to contemplate the fact that a single energy underlies everything in the universe. On the level of subatomic particles, everything you see and feel is part of one great energy soup. With that in mind, look around and say to yourself, “All that I see, all that I touch, all that I imagine, is made of one single conscious energy.”

Hold that thought. Questions will come up—and they’re worth exploring. However, there is great power in simply holding the thought, “All this is one consciousness,” as a mantra, and then trying to see the world that way. See how the thought of oneness softens the edges of your judging mind. Find out whether it eases feelings of frustration, anxiety, and fear. Notice how it tends to bring up feelings of peace.

After you’ve practiced this contemplation a few times, try taking it into your world. Look at the angry driver in the lane next to you, or the sad woman on the bus, and think, “The same consciousness is in that person as in me.” Or see the person on TV whose politics you disagree with and think, “The same consciousness is in that person as in me.”

As these practices become part of your life, look for different ways to recognize that kinship of consciousness—be recognizing the light in the eyes of an animal, or the living sap in a tree. As you do, keep observing the effect it has on you. When you notice that you’re feeling more connected or more open, honor those feelings. Know that you are experiencing some of the qualities of the enlightened state of being.

Strengthen Your Core with a Stability Ball

Posted in Core/Fitness,How-To,Stability Ball / Yoga Ball by Harmony on November 20, 2009

Learn some core exercises incorporating a Stability Ball in this short video (<4min).

The Complete Workout – Pilates

Posted in How-To,Pilates by Harmony on November 19, 2009

This video will teach you the 7 mat exercises that make up the basic foundation of a Pilates program.  If you’re new to Pilates and beginning a home practice, this video may be helpful for you.

The Complete Workout – by Fitness Magazine.

All you’ll need for this practice is a Pilates Mat.  Mats for Pilates are usually 1/4″ thick or more.  They tend to be thicker than a standard yoga mat to cushion your spine and joints during your floor exercises.  All of the mats listed in our Pilates store are 1/4″ or thicker – even if they are named “Yoga Mats”.  So don’t let the name fool you!

New "Browse" Function

Posted in Company News by Harmony on November 18, 2009

One of our goals was to offer you, our customer, lots of choices on products.  For some people, price is king and for others having an environmentally- friendly option determines buying decisions.  On our site, you might find products that at first glance appear to be the same, but in fact are different.

Recently we realized that our rapidly growing selection of Yoga Mats might seem a little overwhelming to some shoppers.  We offer a variety of lengths, thicknesses, materials, and most recently we’ve even added some “wide” mats.  Not to mention the huge selection of colors!  So for our shoppers who want to narrow down their selections, we’ve added a “Browse By” function on the Yoga Mats page.  You can now browse by mat length, mat thickness, or mat width.  A separate section has always existed for those looking for Eco-Friendly Products.

We hope you find this “Browse By” function helpful in your shopping experience at RollingSands Harmony.  For those who still want to see all of their choices, just scroll down the Yoga Mats page…all mats are listed first by length, then by thickness.

Thank you for shopping with us.

Yoga Pose: Salamba Sarvangasana/Supported Shoulderstand

Posted in How-To,Yoga,Yoga Blanket,Yoga Pose,Yoga Strap by Harmony on November 17, 2009

You’ll need some props before being able to follow along with this video:  2 yoga blankets and a yoga matA yoga strap is optional to help keep the elbows in proper alignment.  This video shows a variation using a wall – which beginners might appreciate!

When watching this video, you’ll notice that the instructor places the yoga mat under the blankets, while one student folds her sticky mat over her blankets.  This set up is your choice, but you might find that having the mat wrapped below and on top of the blankets will keep your shoulders from slipping off the blankets.

Now you’re ready to learn how to do a Supported Shoulderstand:

What is Meditation?

Posted in How-To,Meditate,Meditation by Harmony on November 16, 2009

This is an interesting article explaining What is Meditation and How to Be in Meditation.

Sitting quietly is something that many of us may find challenging.  Sitting comfortably is another.  We offer several products that will help you sit comfortably – such as, Zafus, Zabutons, and meditation benches.  Sitting quietly, on the other hand, will just take practice.

This is a good read for anyone who wants to understand the purpose for meditating and the beginning steps on how-to meditate.

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