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Pilates on the Ball: March, Roll, Hundreds

Posted in How-To,Pilates,Stability Ball / Yoga Ball by Harmony on December 3, 2009

Check out the following article to learn how to incorporate a Pilates Ball into your routine, starting with these three simple exercises:  Marching on the Ball, Hip Roll with a Ball, and Hundreds with a Ball.  It even discusses how to use a ball when doing the Hundreds to make this floor exercise both easier and harder – depending on your desire!

Best Way – Pilates Ball Instructions |

If you don’t already have a Pilates Ball, it’s important to mention a few notes.  First, a Pilates Ball is known by many names – Stability Ball, Swiss Ball, Exercise Ball, and more.  There are “anti-burst” balls which tend to cost a little more, but they are made of a special material that will prevent the ball from “bursting”, but instead would deflate slowly if punctured.  If you desire environmental balance in your fitness products, there are some balls that are phthalate-free.  RollingSands Harmony carries a variety of Stability Balls to try and meet everyone’s needs.  Please note that it is also important to buy the correct size.  When you visit our pages for the various Pilates Balls, you’ll see the sizing instructions on each page so don’t worry – there’s no guessing involved.


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