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How to Sit in Meditation

Posted in How-To,Meditate,Meditation,Meditation Bench,Zafus/Zabutons by Harmony on December 7, 2009

On our Store Website, we offer answers to Frequently Asked Questions such as “How to Set Up Your Meditation Cushion”. I wanted to share that information with you here, as well.

When sitting in meditation, you should try to sit so that your thighs are sloped from hips to knees in order to tilt the pelvis forward. This position will support the lower back.

Using a Zafu – whether it is round or crescent-shaped – will cushion your sitting bones and raise the height of your hips to create this desired angle of your thighs.

A Crescent Zafu on a Zabuton

A Crescent Zafu on a Zabuton

A Round Zafu on a Zabuton

A Round Zafu on a Zabuton

Placing a Zabuton cushion under the Zafu will cushion your knees, ankles and tops of your feet. This will help release your body of any physical discomforts.

When using a Zafu, a person would sit cross-legged. There are several cross-legged positions to choose from, depending upon your personal flexibility. You could sit in full Lotus (each ankle rests on the opposite thigh), half Lotus (one ankle rests on opposite thigh), or Burmese style (feet are crossed, resting on floor, with one shin in front of the other).

A kneeling position is an alternative to the cross-legged meditation position. This is sometimes referred to as “seiza”. For this position, a bench is recommended. Or one could use blankets, cushions, or a yoga bolster between the calves and thighs to gain the proper height and slope of thighs.

Sitting with Zafu & Zabuton or a Bench & Zabuton

Sitting with Zafu & Zabuton or a Bench & Zabuton

You could also sit cross-legged with the meditation bench, if preferred.

A zabuton can be used with a meditation bench. Either folded in half (as seen in the picture above), or laid flat with bench on top.

Visit our Meditation Products Page to see our entire selection of zabutons, zafus, and meditation benches.

Want to read more on this topic?  See this article on How to Sit in Meditation by e-How.


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  1. shirah zeller said,

    I am looking for a sloping, crescent pillow. I sit in half lotus, so I probably also need a cushion for my left knee. I couldn’t find the crescent pillow I need on your web site but that could be because my vision is poor. Please contact me if you have such a thing. The Jewish Community Center on Manhattan’s upper west side has them in olive green, but o one remembers where they are from.



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