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Strength Training with Toning Balls – Arms

Posted in Core/Fitness,How-To,Toning Balls by Harmony on March 5, 2010

Following are just three arm strength training exercises that you can do with Soft-Weighted Toning Balls. For an added challenge you can add a Stability Ball with the Triceps Kickback (as shown).

Curls and Triceps Kickback & Extension

Curls and Triceps Kickback & Extension


Standing with feet shoulder-width apart, hold a Soft Weighted Ball in each hand down to your sides.  Keeping upper arms tight to your sides, bend elbows and curl Soft Weighted balls up to chest height.  Lower Soft Weighted Balls slowly to start position.

Triceps Kickback

Start by placing left hand on top of Burst-Resistant Exercise Ball while holding Soft Weighted Ball in right hand.  With feet shoulder-width apart, bend knees slightly and distribute weight evenly between left hand and feet.  Keeping right elbow close to your side and upper arm parallel to the floor, press Soft Weighted Ball back until your arm is completely extended behind you.  Slowly bend elbow and repeat.  Alternate arms after one set.

Triceps Extension

Standing with feet shoulder-width apart hold the Soft Weighted Ball above your head with arms straight.  Bend elbows and lower Soft Weighted Ball slowly behind your head.  Straighten arms into starting position.  Repeat.

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