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So Hum Meditation

Posted in How-To,Meditate,Meditation by Harmony on March 22, 2010

Learn a little about the benefits of meditation, and guided instructions on how to perform the So Hum meditation, by reading this article below.

If you’re new to meditating, but currently do yoga at home, you might already have some props to help you sit in meditation more comfortably.  You could fold up your yoga mat for cushioning, use your yoga blanket, or even a yoga bolster.   But, if you are doing daily meditations, it would be recommended to get comfortable with a zafu, zabuton, or meditation bench.  By sitting in the same space, and on the same meditation cushion or bench, your positive energy will build there.

Best Free Guided Meditation Technique for Peace by Anmol Mehta

Although one of the best meditation techniques on the planet today is Zazen, or Zen Meditation, not far behind is So Hum Mantra Meditation Technique. Zen Meditation comes from the great school of Zen Buddhism and is the technique of Lord Buddha, and So Hum Mantra Meditation comes from the Hindu schools of meditation and yoga. Both techniques are excellent for daily practice and in this article I will give guide you on how to practice So Hum Mantra Meditation Technique.

As the name implies So Hum is a mantra repetition technique, in which you sit still and then focus on the mantra indicated. Such meditation has been scientifically proven to help you with your personal and spiritual growth and below I will go over these benefits with you. In addition, I will give you detailed step-by-step instructions on how to correctly practice this technique so you can extract the maximum benefits possible.

Benefits of Daily Meditation Practice:

A great deal of scientific research has been done on Mantra Meditations and below are some highlights of these findings. One important note though with regard to meditation and it’s many benefits, is that it needs to be done regularly in order to bestow it’s benefits. So plan your practice for the long term and enjoy all that such a practice has to offer.

– Significant reduction in anxiety and stress which has been verified by changes in brain activity centers.

– 200% increase in blood flow to the brain region along with significant reduction in blood pressure and cholesterol.

– 50% less doctor visits and 55% fewer tumors.

– Significant reduction in infectious diseases.

– Reduction in Chronic Pain.”

– 75% improvement with insomnia and Increased Intelligence, Awareness and Concentration.

There are many more wonderful benefits of meditation and you can find those on my website – Free Guided Meditation and Yoga Techniques.

Guided Mantra Meditation Practice:

– Sit with your legs crossed if you can. If you cannot, you may also sit on a chair or lie on your back to practice this meditation.

– Set your alarm for 10 to 20 minutes. If using a traditional 108 bead meditation necklace (mala). Do 1 full cycle.

– Now sit up straight and elongate your spine upwards.

– Place your hands in Gyan Mudra (hand position of knowledge). Which is thumb and index finger lightly meeting, wrists resting gently on the knees and palms facing upward. The other 3 fingers are extended.

– Take 5 deep, slow breaths though the nose to relax you and help you focus. Also, for the duration of the meditation try to remain as still as possible.”

– Now inhale slowly while mentally intoning the sound “Soooooo” and then exhale slowly, again mentally saying the sound “Hummmm”.

– Just allow all your worries, thoughts and anxieties to dissolve into the mantra and let go of every problem you have. Feel your consciousness expanding and growing with every breath. Feel more and more peace and joy coming from within as you practice this technique.

– Continue in this way for the duration of the meditation.

Mantra Meditation Technique for Daily Practice:

Remember the most important aspect of meditation practice is consistency. So set up your life style in such a way that you can find at least 20 minutes every day to practice this technique. Ideally you will want to increase this practice to 20 minutes 2 times per day, and finally to being able to sit and meditate for up to 1 hour at a stretch.

The benefits of meditation come gently as you continue your sincere practice, so don’t focus on that aspect at all. Instead just concern yourself with doing your daily meditation and leave the results in the capable hands of God and Life. You will be surprised at how generous they are. Just trust them and they will guide, inspire and protect you.

Anmol Mehta is a modern Meditation, Zen and Yoga Master. He is author of the Best Meditation Book and Training Manual and founder of the largest Free Guided Meditation Techniques web site and blog.

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    Great Job Anmol. I only knew that nothing comes for free but you are serving the mankind it seems.

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