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East Meets West – Yoga and a Foam Roller

Posted in Foam Roller,How-To,Yoga by Harmony on March 30, 2010

Peggy warns us that she moves fast through these poses, and she does. In just under 5 minutes, she’ll give you lots of ways to use a foam roller with yoga poses. This is not a video to follow along with, but to watch and learn from. She does not explain how to get into the yoga poses themselves, so I would not recommend this to someone who is not already familiar with yoga. Other than that, have fun!

In this video she is using a 36″ foam roller. We offer two different 36″ long high-density foam rollers at our store. A Hi-Density Foam Roller and a Textured Hi-Density Foam Roller.  High density foam rollers will hold their shape for a longer time.  They’ll also offer more support and resistance during use versus the single-construction white foam rollers.  The textured surface of the Textured Roller will grip hard flooring better so the roller won’t slide out from underneath you (versus “roll”), making it great for those working out on wood floors.


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