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Mantras Defined

Posted in How-To,Meditate,Meditation by Harmony on April 5, 2010

This article has a nice description of some of the different mantras. Hope it helps you decide on one for yourself…

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Mantras for You

Below are listed a sampling of mantras. As stated previously, one’s mantra is usually given by a Guru. But in the absence of a Guru, the individual may choose a mantra that “rings true”.

Mantras – when repeated on Japa Mala Beads – have a profound impact upon our well being.

The King of mantras of a single syllable is ‘Om‘. It is the sound of infinity and immortality, containing within it all the scriptures of the world.

‘ is often used at the beginning of meditation to focus the mind, or as a prefix to other mantras.

These words are often said before invocation of a particular deity. ‘Om‘ retains its significance as above. ‘Namo‘, in Sanskrit, means to honor, appreciate and be humble towards.

Therefore, putting it before the deity’s name means something like “praise be to” or “all thanks to”.

The following are different mantras using these prefixes :

Ganesha is the God of beginnings and success. Therefore, this mantra is formed at the beginning of new undertakings and to bring about success by removing obstacles.

Lakshmi is the Hindu Goddess associated with prosperity in all aspects of life – financial, emotional and spiritual. Mantras to Her bring richness to life and a wealth of good fortune.

This mantra represents the tranquil insight to the meditative experience. It helps destroy negative qualities.

Narayana is the name of Vishnu, the source of humanity. It is a mantra said in times of trouble to re-establish harmony and balance. Many powers come from saying this mantra. It also aids in attaining enlightenment.

Some More Mantras:

Tara represents the female energy. Mantras said to Tara evoke compassion, strength and healing.

This simple but profound mantra is the name of God, repeated over and over. It engenders God consciousness, truth, righteousness and virtue.

The Sanskrit word ‘Sharnam’ means shelter. This mantra asks that we be brought to Hari’s shelter, a place of refuge. The blessing of Hari’s protection removes all anxieties.

Christian mantras are often short sections of common prayers. They work to bring about an awareness of God’s loving presence.

Lord Jesus Christ have mercy on me.
Holy Mary, Mother of God.
Glory be to God.

Choose ONE of the several mantras stated above depending upon what “sounds and feels right” and has a meaning in harmony with your intuitive acceptance.

Never disclose your personal mantra to anybody. Once you have chosen your mantra, go to the next step to choose the right mala beads for your practice.

Warm wishes,

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