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Pilates with a Pilates Ring

Posted in How-To,Pilates,Pilates Ring by Harmony on April 22, 2010

Exercises to Do With the Pilates Magic Circle

The Pilates Magic Circle is a circular ring that is made of a flexible metal. It is padded on the inside and outside of the ring, so that it can be placed on the inside or outside of the legs for lower body exercise, or held in the hands for upper body work. The Magic Circle provides light resistance to a Pilates exercise program. It can be used four times weekly. Since Pilates exercise emphasizes form and precision, as opposed to repetition, perform one set of no more than eight repetitions.

Bridge With Abduction and Adduction

While the bridge is a butt and core exercise, adding the Magic Circle will work your inner and outer thighs. Lie on your back with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor. Place the circle between your inner thighs, right above your knees. Engage your core and lift each vertebra from the floor, until you are in a bridge position. Simultaneously squeeze the circle with your inner thighs. Complete one set, and then place the circle over your outer thighs. Perform the same exercise, but press out with your outer thigh muscles.

Magic Circle Chest Press

Lie on your back with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor. Hold the circle at chest height, and place each hand on the outer pads. Inhale to prepare. As you exhale, contract your pectoral muscles and squeeze the circle.

Upper Back Exercise

Good posture depends on correct strength ratios balance between the pectoral and upper back muscles. Most people tend to be significantly stronger in their pectoral muscles, which may account for a hunched forward posture. So, if you perform the chest press, you will also need to perform an exercise for your upper back. Sit in a cross-legged position. Lean forward at the waist. Place the circle on the floor behind your back, and hold the outer pads with each hand. Inhale to prepare. As you exhale, engage your upper back muscles to squeeze the circle. Imagine that you are trying to create cleavage in your upper back.

Butt Squeeze

Lie on your stomach with your knees bent. Place the circle between the inside of your ankles. Until you get used to working with it, this may be awkward, so ask a friend to help you place it in position. Place one hand over the other to make a pillow, and rest your forehead on your hands. Inhale to prepare. As you exhale, squeeze your glutes and press the circle in with both ankles.


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