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Why use Mudras

Posted in Meditation by Harmony on April 26, 2010

We hope to provide more detailed information on different Mudras, and their benefits, in future blog posts.  The following article provides some basic information on Mudras to get us started.  If you’ve been taking any yoga classes, you’re probably already familiar with some mudras, such as these two:

* Anjali Mudra – pressing your palms together in prayer position – generally at heart center or held when saying “Namaste” at the end of class.

* Gian Mudra – touching the index finger to tip of thumb, with the other three fingers extended – a common mudra in opening and closing meditations or breathing exercises.

Mudras to De-Stress You

By Shweta U Shah

Understanding Mudras:

Mudras are an integral part of the ancient practice of yoga. Derived from the Sanskrit word which means ‘seal’, Mudras are simple hand gestures and finger positions. They have the capacity to energize and rejuvenate the body, cure diseases, prevent psycho-somatic and life-style disorders, suffuse you with a feeling of serenity, and strengthen your communion with god (the very essence of yoga).

Our body is in a permanent state of reflux and chaos. We receive innumerable sensory inputs and impressions through the day, combat work pressures, family demands, and fight a host of insecurities. Our body tries to strike an optimum balance and maintain equilibrium between the internal and the external. When the balance goes awry, we fall sick.

Mudras can help us achieve this balance in a subtle way and enhance our mental strength.

How will the practice of Mudras benefit you?

  • Mudras strengthen the physical body, driving out toxins and perking up the immune mechanisms.
  • Mudras are very good preventive therapy.
  • Emotionally, these simple hand gestures, calm an over active mind, make you tranquil, and instill a feeling of love and happiness.
  • At the subtle level, the Pranic energy or the vital force within the body is balanced and this practice also allows us to direct the vital force to various parts of the body, where the energy can be harnessed.
  • Mudras balance the entire, body – mind – soul complex, and thwart the onslaught of stress. They soothe frayed nerves, calm the nervous system, and revitalize you.

Dr Shweta Shah is a life style expert with emphasis on alternative medicine and treatment. Her core areas include homoeopathy, diet, nutrition, yoga and acupressure therapy. As a Medical Content Writer she has also been involved in contributing several articles for health and wellness sites on professional basis. She also contributes to other websites with the objective of disseminating essential and healthy life style tips.

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