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Yoga for Kids

Posted in Yoga by Harmony on April 27, 2010

With the increasing interest in Yoga by our younger ones, we will be adding more yoga products just for them!  We’ve always carried the DVD:  Yoga Kids:  Ages 3-6, but we’ve just recently added Yoga Mats sized perfectly for our little friends.  Check out our store for our new Harmony Mats for Kids.  These mats are made from the same environmentally friendly, natural rubber that our larger sized mats are made from.  They are just smaller – 48″ long – making them easy for kids to carry to the studio without any added, unnecessary weight.

Keep your eyes on our store for any future additions.

Not sure if yoga is right for your kids?  Read this article for some more insight:

Interested In Yoga For Kids?

by Darvin J. Hooey

Yoga for kids? Certainly! A centuries old practice, yoga has earned the designation as an essential practice for physical and mental health. The benefits of yoga are numerous. Why shouldn’t our children experience these benefits too? Your kids can immediately adopt this practice which leads to improved flexibility, coordination, improved strength, enhanced concentration and stress relief, which would provide a lifetime of benefits for your children! Kids are NOT just small adults, contrary to what many may think. You have to use a different approach… a different environment.

Yoga – Kid Style

Your kids may have difficulty doing the normal yoga poses the way they’re supposed to, but they can still reap many of the benefits. Yoga for kids has to be fun and entertaining simultaneously! Yes, the traditional asanas are the framework, but to ensure your kids engaged the resulting postures are more improvisational in nature. There are programs starting up for kids across the nation. They deal with this entertainment requirement by building in music, storytelling, games, animal references, arts and crafts. Classes are offered for kids as young as toddlers! Just be sure the teacher has the required certification to instruct children.

Special Benefits To Kids

As mentioned above, the benefits of yoga for adults are well documented, but the benefits of yoga for kids go far beyond those that adults realize. Yes, it can support weight loss, concentration, flexibility and strength, but yoga also helps with more kid specific issues. For example, research has shown that yoga can help with attention deficit and hyperactivity disorders in kids. Yoga satisfies the sensory and motor stimulation that kids desire. Practicing yoga at an early age helps kids to develop confidence and improved coordination. Since yoga is noncompetitive, it fosters a sense of compassion and cooperation, instead of competition. This creates a more caring and giving child.

Yoga For Kids at Home

The benefits of yoga can definitely be brought home for your kids to experience, as with adults! The main obstacle, as with most child activities, is keeping their attention. However, as previously mentioned, if you integrate animal sounds and movements, songs and games, they will stay   will keep their attention! Because kids love to move and make sounds, and yoga satisfies both needs. You should not be too critical as they find their way through the series of poses. Don’t get mad, if they aren’t performing them exactly right. Instead, allow this to be an experience in self discovery with your direction.

Yoga for kids is in many ways superior to yoga for adults. Why not begin your kids walk down this lifetime road of self-discovery and self-improvement now versus later, and the benefits they gain will grow exponentially!

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