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Prenatal Yoga – Volume I

Posted in How-To,Stability Ball / Yoga Ball,Yoga by Harmony on June 29, 2010

Over the next several weeks we are going to offer several videos on Prenatal Yoga. This is the first of four videos from Sara Varona. In these videos, Sara recommends having a Yoga Ball, 1 or 2 Yoga Bolsters, and a small pillow to rest your head in Savasana.

For this first video, all you’ll need is the Yoga Ball. Yoga Ball manufacturers provide sizing charts to allow you to choose the right size based on your height. You’ll find this information on each of our product pages.  Primarily you will want a ball that will allow you to sit with your knees bent at a 90-degree angle.

Yoga Balls are also called Stability Balls, among many other terms, and can be used in many exercises – not just for these prenatal yoga poses. These poses can also be performed by anyone just to add some variety to your practice.

Before starting this video, I’d recommend turning up the volume on both your computer and the video itself, and find a nice quiet room.  The one drawback to this series was the volume being slightly too low.

This video is just the first 10-minutes of her entire practice – so don’t leave yourself unbalanced, be sure to do the Warrior II and Side Angle on your opposite side, too! And come back next Tuesday for more of Sara’s Prenatal practice.


Awakening the Kundalini Energy

Posted in Meditation,Yoga by Harmony on June 28, 2010

The following short video offers a very brief introduction to awakening the Kundalini within us.

Senior Exercises: Hip Adductor

Posted in Core/Fitness,How-To,Mini Exercise Ball by Harmony on June 25, 2010

Another video in our series for Seniors. Or not so senior — if you’re nursing an injury or want to start your new fitness routine gently — keep watching! This is an easy-to-do adductor exercise that can be done at home sitting in a chair or while you’re watching TV, even.  Great for those  inner thigh muscles.

We offer several sizes of mini-exercise balls.  These are light-weight, vinyl, inflatable balls and are available in 6″ , 7″ , or 9″ diameters.  Visit our Fitness Page to see all of our mini-exercise balls.

Breaststroke on a Stability Ball

Posted in Core/Fitness,How-To,Pilates,Stability Ball / Yoga Ball by Harmony on June 24, 2010

Use a stability ball when performing this common swim stroke exercise. It’s a great way to work your abs, back, arms and shoulders.

Check out our selection of Yoga Balls. Be sure to select the right size for your height. You can also choose from standard stability balls or burst-resistant stability balls. We also carry an eco-friendly, phthalate-free vinyl yoga ball. These balls have many names – Stability Ball, Yoga Ball, Exercise Ball, and Pilates Ball to name just a few. But these all refer to these large, inflatable vinyl workout balls.

Our Green Policy

Posted in Company News by Harmony on June 23, 2010

We Care – Our Green Policy

We care about our earth and our natural resources. Not only do we seek out and offer products that are manufactured with non-toxic materials or are made from sustainable, renewable resources, but we also like to operate the company in a sustainable fashion.

  • We purchase unclaimed or recycled boxes to reduce cardboard headed to our landfills.
  • We reuse boxes whenever possible to minimize costs and reduce our need for natural resources.
  • We try to reduce packaging materials and use recycled packaging materials whenever possible to reduce waste.
  • Our green efforts are performed with our customers in mind – only clean and durable materials are reused.
  • We purchase recycled copy paper to protect our natural resources.

Yoga Ball Beginner Poses

Posted in How-To,Stability Ball / Yoga Ball,Yoga,Yoga Pose by Harmony on June 22, 2010

My Yoga Online has yoga videos that you can download if you are a member (monthly membership fee).  Thought we could share this with you since some people might like having the variety of videos available.

Here is a sample video of one that they have for beginners using a Yoga Ball.

Beginner Yoga on Ball

Beginner Yoga on Ball

So Hum Mantra Practice

Posted in How-To,Meditate,Meditation by Harmony on June 21, 2010

The first two minutes of this video discusses the So Hum Mantra, and the last six minutes allows you to practice along with Swami Jnaneshvara Bharati.

To read more about practicing the So Hum meditation, please visit their website page.

Ab Exercises on the Ball

Posted in Core/Fitness,How-To,Stability Ball / Yoga Ball by Harmony on June 18, 2010

In 2 1/2 minutes you’ll learn some nice core workouts on the stability ball. You’ll see how to do plank poses, push-ups, and tucks on the ball. Stability Balls will help you intensify your workouts because you’ll need to engage more muscles to stay balanced.  Plus, a Stability Ball adds some variety to your weekly routines.

Senior Exercises: Chest Press

Posted in Core/Fitness,How-To,Mini Exercise Ball,Toning Balls by Harmony on June 4, 2010

This is the second in a series of exercises for seniors. A couple weeks ago, we offered a video on an Overhead Press. If you are taking care of an arm or shoulder injury, or just starting on your fitness journey, don’t let the name “Senior Exercises” fool you. Watch the video and learn. Sometimes it’s important to be gentle with your body, know that and respect that. It’s ok.

This video shows the instructor using a soft weighted toning ball during the exercise.  As she informs us, you could also use an inflated ball if so desired (check out our 7″ mini-exercise ball and our 9″ mini-exercise ball).  Perhaps this is because you don’t want the added weight, but the inflated ball still offers resistance and will help you be mindful of your movements.  Sometimes we choose our exercise tool because of what we already have lying around the house!  And that’s fine, too.