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10 Exercise and Motivation Tips

Posted in Core/Fitness,Pilates,Yoga by Harmony on September 22, 2010

10 Exercise And Motivation Tips

by Matthew Sawyer

The most difficult part of any activity that is beneficial to the mind, body, and spirit is the motivation it takes to get started. Once that desire from the depths of your being nags at your psyche deeply enough, you will have what it takes to be on your way to improving your health and well-being.

Exercise is one of those things that we need on a daily basis, but the need is often substituted for other lethargic activities. One of the reasons is that activity lends itself to more activity and inactivity lends itself to lethargy. In order to get motivated for exercise on a regular basis, it’s necessary to start somewhere to begin this domino effect.


1. Have a set of 1- 5 pound weights at your disposal and pick them up throughout the day, doing a few repetitions of arm curls and over the head lifts. Start with a repetition of 10 or 12 and increase gradually.

2. Drink water regularly throughout the day so that any increase in activity that will cause you to perspire more will not result in fatigue associated with dehydration that may subconsciously curb your desire for more exercise.

3. Burning rosemary essential oil incense or putting a drop or two in a quart of water will invigorate and give incentive to move. Being a good aid to muscle and joint limbering, it will also help to ready muscles and limbs that may seem stiff and stagnant.

Once you have accomplished these steps that will motivate you to start a program of exercise, while keeping them in place, begin the next series of steps. Your desire to continue by following the above and feeling improvement to your well-being will spur you on to a more strenuous program.

Devising a Program

4. Don’t do the same kind of exercise all the time, and do activities you like to do.

5. Invite a friend. Statistics show that those who exercise with another person are more likely to stay motivated.

6. Stretching exercises when you arise are a good way to get the blood flowing and the feeling for a need to move.

7. Daily routines of shorter, 15 or 20 minute spurts of exercise will keep you energized and motivated for more.

Now that you have a program in place, and perhaps a friend who is joining you, there are some final steps to add. These ten steps together will serve to help keep you wanting more exercise.

Climb and Acknowledge

8. Keep setting new goals, and reward yourself when reaching them with almost any non-food type reward.

9. Keep a record of the milestones and goals you have achieved. Note any positive differences in attitude and any other physical and mental improvements.

10. Take time to recognize and remember who you are and be thankful. Don’t compare yourself to others. Take time to appreciate yourself. Strive be the best you can be, and know that is the best there is to be.


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