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Pilates : 5 Invigorating Exercises on The Ball

Posted in How-To,Pilates,Stability Ball / Yoga Ball by Harmony on October 14, 2010

In 6 1/2 minutes you’ll learn how to do five different Pilates exercises that will get the blood pumping. Besides a thick Pilates mat, you’ll also need a Stability Ball.

Stability Balls have lots of names: Exercise Ball, Yoga Ball, Pilates Ball, Swiss Ball, and many more. So don’t let the names confuse you. This type of ball is larger, inflatable, made of soft vinyl, and comes in sizes ranging from 45cm to 85cm. The size you choose is based upon your height, and you can find sizing information on our product pages. RollingSands Harmony also sells stability balls that are standard or burst-resistant, and made of PVC or phthalate-free, eco-friendly vinyl. Check out our Yoga Ball page for our selection. These balls are very versatile and can be used in Pilates, Yoga, Core Fitness, and even for Prenatal & Labor.
Pilates: Five Invigorating Exercises Using A Balance Ball


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