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Exercises on a Half Foam Roller

Posted in Core/Fitness,Foam Roller,How-To by Harmony on October 22, 2010

Half round foam rollers are a great way for beginners to begin incorporating balance and stability exercises into their workouts.  Depending on the exercise itself, you could either place the flat side or the rounded side to the floor.  The flat side to the floor is the most stable position.

Here are just three exercises you could do with a Half Round Foam Roller.  When performing exercises with a roller under your spine or stomach lengthwise, a 36″ half round foam roller would be best.  In others, when you are placing a roller under your hands or feet, you could use one or two 12″ half round foam rollers.

Exercise #1

Lie on your back on the foam roller so that the foam roller is under your spine with both your sacrum and head resting on the roller.  Knees bent.  Slowly lift one knee, hold, and return the sole of the foot to the floor and raise the opposite knee.  The closer your feet are to the midline of your body, the more challenging the balance exercise.  Start with arms extended in a T-position with fingertips on the floor for balance, and advance to putting hands on your hips and using your core to keep from rolling side to side.

Exercise #2

Lie flat on your back and rest your feet on the foam roller, legs bent at the knees. Keep the hands at your sides. Now slowly lift your back and hips off the floor forming a bridge. Stay in this arched position for a few seconds and relax. Perform 5-8 reps.

Exercise #3

This is a leg extension exercise using a foam roller. Just lie on your stomach. Place the foam roller under your stomach. Start by lifting your legs upward, extending them straight, toes pointed. You can perform this exercise by extending one leg at a time and then alternating. Perform 10 repetitions with each leg.


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