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Breastfeeding Meditation for Moms

Posted in Meditation by Harmony on November 15, 2010

As a new mom you may find yourself spending hours a day sitting quietly while breastfeeding your new baby.  To utilize this time wisely, without disrupting this special bonding moment, you may want to consider practicing meditations for both you and your child.  Meditating may help you draw strength, energy, and calmness back into your life.  Below are several meditations with imagery that you could consider, or write your own.  You could also find this to be the perfect time to repeat a favorite mantra – either silently or softly out loud for your baby to hear.

When practicing your meditations sit erect with a straight spine and plant your feet to the earth. Wait until the baby has properly latched on to your breast.

The following meditations and their descriptions were taken from an article titled Breastfeeding Meditations for Moms.  For the entire article and more detailed descriptions about how and why the author used these specific images, please click on the link to Breastfeeding Meditations for Moms by Andrea Dougherty.

Deep Belly Breath

Sit in a comfortable upright position with eyes closed. Focus on your breath flowing in and out. Your pulse slowing down in turn slows down your baby’s pulse. You are connected thru the umbilical cord your pulse feeding your babies pulse. Start by taking a deep belly breath and slow down your body’s chemistry and circulation. Deep smooth slow breathing is a way of letting your baby know that everything is all right. It is a way of communicating your confidence in the pregnancy and relaxed state of mind. You can communicate to your baby while in the womb not only by talking to your baby but thru your heart beat and the slow monitored breathing techniques. This technique can be practiced out of the womb as well.

To practice the Deep Belly breathing technique after birth place baby on your chest. Feeling your heart beat and your breathing patterns, the baby will relax and slow down, he too will be coaxed into relaxing.

Oasis Meditation

Goal of Meditation: Sweep away previous nights stress and relax.

Affirmation: I live in Abundance

Imagine yourself sitting in an oasis in the middle of the desert. You and your baby are happy healthy and focused on each other. The breeze wafting thru your tent is warm and fruitful. Palms are being fanned, whisking cool air onto you and your baby. The circulating air caresses your cheek, neck and chest. Your baby is gently caressed by the palms releasing any energy from the previous nights encounter. Breathe deeply filling your lungs with the fragrant breeze. Release tension from the sleepless nights, clearing your mind. Bring your focus back to feeding your baby. Recognize that you are provided for, just as you are providing for your baby. Breath deeply. The cool breezes from the palms brush against your skin allowing your mind and body to go limp. Just be in the present moment.

Spa Meditation

Goal of Meditation: Building strength of character and trust in self.

Affirmation: I have a generous heart

Imagine you and your baby have stepped out of a steam spa and you skin is open, clean and clear. There is a stack of white towels. Take as many towels as you need. Gently dry you and the baby off with the white towels. Taking time to dry the little folds of baby’s skin around the neck, groin, wrists, fingers, ankles and toes. Lift the towel and hide your face, peeking occasionally at your baby. The baby laughs as you play peek a boo with a towel. His face all shiny and glowing with health and wonder. There are white robes waiting for you to put on. Select your robe taking care to put it on and wrap it correctly. It fits perfectly and the material is delicate yet strong. It feels like silk against your skin. Select your babies robe, take care at wrapping your baby in the white cloth. It is pristine and you would not dress him in any thing less due to his importance. Your baby is an extension of your self. You trust in your judgment and your baby trusts in your judgment. The silk wraps, bonding you two. Recognize that your baby will follow your lead. You have a generous open heart and your decisions reflect compassion and a giving character,(Image of Sun and Rays)

Sunny Days

Goal of Meditation: Raise Energy Levels.

Affirmation: I am a happy person.

This meditation was there for me when I was house bound. It really seemed to boost my energy levels.

Imagine pulling energy from the sun, yellow and golden filled with vitamin D. The light is humming and buzzing as the rays enter the crown of your head. You are open, the sun shinning into you raising your alertness, stimulating your breath. Release tension from our scalp, forehead, eyes, cheeks, jaw and lips. Gently lift the corners of your mouth up in a slight smile. You feel the suns rays warm, giving life and feelings of joy to you and your baby. Breathe deeply as the light circulates allowing your spine to sit up straighter, your shoulders back and lungs expanding. I am a happy person, seeing humor in circumstance, always choosing to be smile and laugh. Your happiness flowing from your body into your baby. Milk flowing endlessly, energy to your happy baby.

Starry Night

Goal: Trust in a greater intelligence.

Affirmation: Infinite possibilities

Imagine stars surrounding your being and your babies being. You are floating above the earth not touching or bound to any gravitational pulls or earthly laws of physics. You and your baby are at the center of everything and everything is circulating around you. The energy of the universe is connecting and protecting you. It runs thru everything and can be felt and channeled with thought. Feel the energy pulsating in your body, like static electricity buzzing lifting the hair on your head. Your energy is mixing and feeding your baby in the form of breast milk. The universe is generous with possibilities, seek and follow energy paths that require the least amount of effort. As you make decisions recognize that you now have an additional life that is dependent on your decisions. Keep your goals set with out conflict or competition. Stay focused knowing you are supported in a constant state of growth.

Cleansing Meditation

Goal: Release Toxins

Affirmation: I am healthy.

Fighting sicknesses throughout the winter months or throughout the year.

Imagine your blood heating up, a red hot heart expanding thru vibration, turning white hot and pumping molten blood thru your veins. This heat is sent into your baby to build his immune system, flowing into every corner of his body. Hear the pulsating drums in your ears, focus on the pulsating feeling in your body and now in your babies. See the white lava circulating thru you into your baby, it is circulating even reaching into his fingers and toes with each pulse of your heart. This heat is cleansing. Destroying toxins and germs as the liquid heat circulates his body. Imagine that you see the cleansing occurring. Your molten blood, surrounding germs, boiling the germ until it is gone. With each impurity that the heat encounters the white hot liquid consumes and boils it until it is gone. Volcanic disturbance brings life and health to the earth. Recognize that heat or a fever is not something to fear but the body looking to correct an imbalance.


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