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Balance & Stability Exercise – Side Step

Posted in Balance Board/Wobble Board,Balance Discs,Core/Fitness,How-To by Harmony on November 26, 2010

Develop your balance and stability skills by using a balance board or balance disc in your workout.  Learn how to do the Side Step by watching the following video – it’s just a few seconds long, so you can start practicing right away!

Here’s a quick summary comparing the balance board and balance discs:

Our round balance board is constructed of Birch wood and offers a 16″ diameter surface. The flat wood top is perched on a round base that allows for a 14-degree angle of difficulty to your workouts. A sandpaper surface makes it easy to stand on without slipping.

We offer two inflatable balance discs. Both are 13″ diameter. One balance disc is by JFit and is textured on both sides – one is knobby, and the other slightly textured to reduce slippage. Our Natural Fitness balance disc is smooth on one side, knobby on the other, but this balance disc is made with a non-toxic, eco-friendly, phthalate-free PVC elasticizer. The soft, inflatable balance discs are also a great tool to use to improve your posture. Place on the seat of your office chair and get the same benefits of using a stability ball without the bulk.


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