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Zafus by Bean Products : Buying Guide

Posted in Company News,How-To,Meditation,Zafus/Zabutons by Harmony on November 29, 2010

We currently carry a large selection of Zafus by Bean Products. Each Zafu is customizable as to what type of shape, cover, and stuffing you would like. These Zafus are then made upon your order and shipped directly to you. Because they are customized for you, they can take a little longer to receive then pre-made meditation cushions.

First, consider the shape you would like. Zafus are available in Round or Crescent shapes. The choice is a personal decision, but some may find that the short crescent shape offers some extra support to the upper thighs. I consider Bean’s Crescent Zafus a “short Crescent”, because there are other zafus on the market that are more of a longer V-shape design. We will be adding some of these in the near future, so please check back again soon.

Crescent Zafus by Bean

Crescent Zafus by Bean

Second, you can choose which stuffing you’d like. Bean offers Buckwheat Hulls or Kapok.  Both will shape to your body.  Since Kapok is a very light fibrous material the Zafu stuffed with Kapok is noticeably lighter than the Zafu stuffed with the Buckwheat hulls.  This could be important to those who will be carrying their Zafu to different locations.

All of the Zafus offer a convenient hidden zipper.  The zipper offers two benefits:

  • You can adjust the height and density by removing/adding more stuffing to suit your liking.  Our recommendation is to store any stuffing removed in case you wish to add it back in at a future time.
  • You can remove the stuffing in order to wash the outer cover.  There is no inner liner, so the stuffing will need to be poured into a bucket or container (as in the Buckwheat), or you’ll need to pull out the Kapok (which is a very fine and light fiber, so it’ll need to be carefully bagged).  After washing the cover, just pour or stuff the contents back into the Zafu.
Buckwheat Zafu

Buckwheat Zafu

Kapok Zafu

Kapok Zafu

And finally, you can choose your cover. You can choose from regular cotton, organic cotton, or hemp. Color selections vary, too.

So no more need to shop around looking for that “perfect” zafu – customize your own! Visit our Meditation Section to start creating your personal Zafu.


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