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Pilates Arm Exercises with Weights

Posted in Dumbells/Grip Weights,How-To,Pilates,Toning Balls by Harmony on December 2, 2010

The following video shows us how to do two Pilates exercises using soft-weighted Toning Balls. The first is an arm extension and the second is a variation of the Hug a Tree exercise. Adding weights to your Pilates routine is a sure way to increase strength quickly.

The model in this video is using Toning Balls, but you could also use light-weight dumbbells or grip weights as well. The Toning Balls have a soft vinyl texture making them easy to grasp and hold throughout the exercises.


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  1. holbrob said,

    Would you care to help me out by completing a survey for school?
    We’re trying to study ways to improve the yoga/pilates experience,
    Please and thanks

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