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Tips for Doorway Chin Up Bar

Posted in Core/Fitness,Doorway Gym Bar,How-To by Harmony on March 4, 2011

Having trouble getting started with your chin ups? Check out this short video for two suggestions on how to begin your practice and build up your strength using your at-home doorway chin up bar. The Sunny Health & Fitness doorway bar is called a gym bar because not only can it be installed at the top of your door frame for pull ups and chin ups, but in can also be installed at the bottom of the door frame for sit ups and press ups. Great to add variety to workout and to build all over body strength.


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  1. Adam said,

    Great video! Assisted pull-ups are a great way to start. Just be really careful with those chin-up bars. As a teenager I tried hanging upside down from one and it (and I) came crashing down. They’re safe for pull-ups, but don’t be dumb like I was. Keep yourself right side up. If you get the hang of these and want to try something even harder, you can try one arm pull-ups, like these:

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