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We’re Moving!

Posted in Company News by Harmony on November 4, 2011

We are excited to announce that we will be moving our office and store in just a few short weeks.  After November 21st you’ll be able to find us in the heart of Historic Olde Town Arvada.  If you’re familiar with the area you’ll find us easily – we’ll be right across the street from Penzeys Spices and Charlie’s Flybox.  This new location is offering us a more comfortable retail shopping experience for our local customers.  We’ll also continue our strong internet presence as well, so no worries for our customers across the country (or out of the country!).

If you want to stop by before Thanksgiving, please call ahead to make sure we will be ready for your visit at the new location.  We are planning to be open on Black Friday, November 25th if you wish to get a jump on your holiday shopping.

Our move will be quick so we expect minimal delays in any online orders.  We will continue to do our best to have orders shipped on the same business day or within 24 hours.  We thank you for your patience and understanding during our transition.

Stay informed of our move, change of hours, our Open House, and any other upcoming events and sales by following us on Facebook or Twitter.

Our new address will be 7506 Grandview Avenue, Arvada Colorado 80002.  We look forward to seeing you at the new store if you’re ever in the Denver area.


Resolutions? What Resolutions?

Posted in Company News by Harmony on February 9, 2011

February is usually the month that fitness centers and studios start seeing a drop-off in their attendance.  Surprisingly this is just a month or so after we make those firm resolutions to “lose weight” and “get fit”.  Don’t let that happen to you!  Here are some quick ideas on how we can help you keep your resolution:

  1. Maintain variety in your workout to keep it interesting and work different muscles.  You can use our blog as a resource.  We continually look for a variety of exercises that you can use in your exercise routine or yoga practice.  And we’ve tried to keep it simple by organizing these exercises under the type of equipment you already own (or are looking to purchase).  And we’ve categorized them for you by Yoga, Pilates, Meditation, and Fitness in case you want to get ideas on all products.
  2. When purchasing fitness equipment or yoga supplies, buy what you think you’ll use.  Consider the space you have in your home, how much time you have to work out or practice, what will offer you the variety you are looking for or the simplicity you want, etc.  We offer a large variety of yoga props and pilates/fitness equipment, visit our website to learn more about each product.
  3. Keep up with our growing selection of equipment and supplies so when you’re ready to add to your home equipment you’ll know it’s available in our store — just follow us on Facebook or Twitter for product updates.
  4. Find a partner.  Exercising is always more fun when you have someone to work out with or at least to discuss your workouts with.  Friendly competition never hurts!  We are offering a Sweetheart of a Sale for the month of February to help you get a friend or loved one fit with you.

Zafus by Bean Products : Buying Guide

Posted in Company News,How-To,Meditation,Zafus/Zabutons by Harmony on November 29, 2010

We currently carry a large selection of Zafus by Bean Products. Each Zafu is customizable as to what type of shape, cover, and stuffing you would like. These Zafus are then made upon your order and shipped directly to you. Because they are customized for you, they can take a little longer to receive then pre-made meditation cushions.

First, consider the shape you would like. Zafus are available in Round or Crescent shapes. The choice is a personal decision, but some may find that the short crescent shape offers some extra support to the upper thighs. I consider Bean’s Crescent Zafus a “short Crescent”, because there are other zafus on the market that are more of a longer V-shape design. We will be adding some of these in the near future, so please check back again soon.

Crescent Zafus by Bean

Crescent Zafus by Bean

Second, you can choose which stuffing you’d like. Bean offers Buckwheat Hulls or Kapok.  Both will shape to your body.  Since Kapok is a very light fibrous material the Zafu stuffed with Kapok is noticeably lighter than the Zafu stuffed with the Buckwheat hulls.  This could be important to those who will be carrying their Zafu to different locations.

All of the Zafus offer a convenient hidden zipper.  The zipper offers two benefits:

  • You can adjust the height and density by removing/adding more stuffing to suit your liking.  Our recommendation is to store any stuffing removed in case you wish to add it back in at a future time.
  • You can remove the stuffing in order to wash the outer cover.  There is no inner liner, so the stuffing will need to be poured into a bucket or container (as in the Buckwheat), or you’ll need to pull out the Kapok (which is a very fine and light fiber, so it’ll need to be carefully bagged).  After washing the cover, just pour or stuff the contents back into the Zafu.
Buckwheat Zafu

Buckwheat Zafu

Kapok Zafu

Kapok Zafu

And finally, you can choose your cover. You can choose from regular cotton, organic cotton, or hemp. Color selections vary, too.

So no more need to shop around looking for that “perfect” zafu – customize your own! Visit our Meditation Section to start creating your personal Zafu.

Gift Certificates at Rolling Sands Harmony

Posted in Company News by Harmony on November 18, 2010
Gift Certificates Available in Four Dollar Amounts

Gift Certificates in Four Dollar Amounts

Holiday Gift Certificates are now available! And in four different dollar amounts: $25, $50, $75, and $100 certificates. Give the gift of good health and wellness this holiday season, or throughout the year. Gift certificates make the perfect gift when you don’t know what specific item your friend or family member is needing, but know that they’d enjoy something from our large selection of yoga mats & props; Pilates and fitness products; or meditation cushions and supplies.  These Gift Certificates (or Gift Cards) are reusable until fully redeemed and are not restricted to certain items.  See our Gift Certificate Features.  Gift Certificates are emailed to the recipient one day after purchase for a quick delivery of your gift.

Yoga Reduces Anxiety

Posted in Company News,Yoga by Harmony on November 17, 2010

Why should you practice yoga?  Here’s just one more reason…

Yoga may be better at reducing anxiety and lifting mood than other forms of exercise, study finds

By Jeannine Stein, Los Angeles Times

3:07 PM PST, November 11, 2010


Yoga has many proven health benefits, but does it stand up to other forms of exercise? Researchers pitted it against a walking routine and found that those who practiced yoga showed greater improvements in mood and anxiety.

Researchers randomly assigned 19 people to an Iyengar yoga program and 15 to a metabolically matched regular walking regimen.

Both groups took part in the programs for an hour three times a week for 12 weeks. Study participants were tested several times to measure mood and anxiety. They were also given magnetic resonance spectroscopy scans to measure levels of the brain chemical gamma-Aminobutyric acid (GABA), a neurotransmitter that quiets brain activity, reducing anxiety and producing a state of calm. The scans were done at the beginning and end of the study and immediately following a yoga or walking session.

Those in the yoga group saw better changes in mood and less anxiety than those in the walking group. The yoga group also saw increases in GABA levels linked with improvements in mood.

The study was published recently in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine.

Copyright © 2010, Los Angeles Times

Consider Cork

Posted in Company News,Green Yoga,Yoga Block,Yoga Wedge by Harmony on September 1, 2010

Why should I consider buying a Cork Yoga Block or Yoga Wedge?

Cork is an environmentally friendly choice over the standard chemically-made foam found in most yoga props (such as Yoga Blocks and Yoga Wedges). Here are just a few reasons to consider buying cork yoga props:

  • Cork is a renewable, sustainable material.
  • There are no toxic chemicals in the harvesting or manufacturing process.
  • It is harvested from the bark of Cork Oak. The bark naturally splits every 9 – 15 years and is harvested without harming the tree.
  • Cork will safely biodegrade by nature when these yoga props eventually must be retired.
  • A Cork Yoga Block or Wedge offers a soft texture that is easy to grip and is slip-resistant (similar to that of a foam block).
  • Cork blocks are firmer than foam blocks.
  • The drawback to the foam blocks is that they are chemically-made and can emit an odor when they are new (some people are more sensitive to these odors).  Cork is odor-free.

In addition to offering cork products as part of our “Green” line of yoga products, you can also find yoga blocks made from bamboo, balsa wood, and recycled materials .  Check out all of our Yoga Blocks and Wedges.

Our Green Policy

Posted in Company News by Harmony on June 23, 2010

We Care – Our Green Policy

We care about our earth and our natural resources. Not only do we seek out and offer products that are manufactured with non-toxic materials or are made from sustainable, renewable resources, but we also like to operate the company in a sustainable fashion.

  • We purchase unclaimed or recycled boxes to reduce cardboard headed to our landfills.
  • We reuse boxes whenever possible to minimize costs and reduce our need for natural resources.
  • We try to reduce packaging materials and use recycled packaging materials whenever possible to reduce waste.
  • Our green efforts are performed with our customers in mind – only clean and durable materials are reused.
  • We purchase recycled copy paper to protect our natural resources.

New Products Added

Posted in Company News by Harmony on April 7, 2010

We’ve added a number of new products lately.  A good way to stay informed of our new additions is to become a Fan of our Facebook Page.  You’ll be kept informed of new products, product information, and periodic related articles.

Some of our recently-added products include:  a mat-size yoga blanket, a new yoga mat bag, several yoga mats (for kids, for travel, and new eco-friendly mats), and some new fitness items.

Hugger Mugger Products Now Available

Posted in Company News by Harmony on January 20, 2010

We are excited to announce that we are now carrying several products by Hugger Mugger.

Check out the new Yoga Mat Bags by Hugger Mugger:

  • The Tapas Harness – an economical choice that is large enough to carry a mat and blanket, a bolster, or a combination
  • Recycled Paper Mat Bag – eco-friendly and spacious enough to fit some props with your mat, or your oversized mat comfortably
  • Simply Jute – eco-friendly and big enough to carry three rolled yoga mats, or a combination of mats and props
  • Big Tote for Men – not just for men!  Another roomy bag, this one is a top-loading drawstring bag
  • The Yoga Pro – for our Yoga & Pilates Teachers on the go – carry multiple mats and props to your teaching location

We’ve also added the Pure Mat – Mat & Gear Wash to our product listing.  Disinfect and restore the stickiness of your mat with these easy to use all-natural sprays – available in Lavender or Citrus.

We continually search for environmentally friendly products to offer you, so we’ve also added Hugger Mugger’s Cork Yoga Wedge, an 8-foot Hemp Yoga Strap, and the 10-foot Hemp Yoga Strap.

And, just because we all need soothing de-stressers in our lives, we’ve added Hugger Mugger’s Peachskin Neckroll.  The brushed fabric is soft as peach skin and is scented with soothing lavender, peppermint, and orange.  Hhhmmm.   It is filled with flax seed and buckwheat hulls and can be heated or chilled depending on your pleasure.

New Year Resolutions – Will you keep yours?

Posted in Company News by Harmony on January 6, 2010

Many of us make resolutions every New Year.  All with good intentions of keeping them, right?  Here’s an article with some good advice on how to keep your resolution…and also some advice on how to make one that you can keep.

If you are making any resolution to improve your fitness or to reduce stress in your life, visit our store at RollingSands Harmony for products for yoga, pilates, meditation and fitness.  We offer great prices and a great selection.


Key to keeping New Year resolutions revealed by psychologist

The key to keeping a New Year resolution may be to break your goal into small steps and not to dwell on the consequences of not achieving your goal, a psychologist has claimed.

Published: 7:30AM GMT 28 Dec 2009 –

Less than a quarter of Britons will achieve their New Year resolutions in 2010 because they go about it the wrong way, according to Professor Richard Wiseman.

He studied 700 volunteers who made a wide range of New Year resolutions, including quitting smoking, losing weight, starting a relationship or gaining a qualification.

Just 22 per cent of participants managed to meet their goals or described their progress as ”very successful”.

The reason so many failed is that they took the wrong approach – and were led astray by self-help books, according to Prof Wiseman, from the University of Hertfordshire.

By comparing the techniques of successful and unsuccessful resolution makers, he came up with a list of tips for staying the course when making changes in one’s life.

People who failed tended to dwell on the ”bad things” that would happen if they did not achieve their goal, said the professor.

They were likely to remove temptation from their surroundings, adopt role models, fantasise about being successful, and rely on will power.

”Many of these ideas are frequently recommended by self-help experts but our results suggest that they simply don’t work”, said Prof Wiseman. ”Because of the widespread nature of this advice, millions of people will fail to achieve their aims”.

Successful participants, on the other hand, broke their goals into small steps, rewarding themselves when each stage was passed.

They also told friends about what they were trying to achieve, reminded themselves of the benefits of obtaining their goal, and charted their progress.

”Many of the most successful techniques involve making a plan and helping yourself stick to it,” said Prof Wiseman. ”Those carrying out all five techniques were around 20% more successful than others.

”Failing to achieve your ambitions is often psychologically harmful because it can rob people of a sense of self-control. I hope that this new research will help people change their lives in 2010.”

:: Prof Wiseman’s 10 secrets of success when making New Year resolutions:

1) Make only one resolution; your chances of success are greater when you channel energy into changing just one aspect of your behaviour.

2) Don’t wait until New Year’s Eve to think about your resolution and instead devote some time a few days before to reflect upon what you really want to achieve.

3) Avoid previous resolutions; deciding to re-visit a past resolution sets you up for frustration and disappointment.

4) Don’t run with the crowd and go with the usual resolutions. Instead think about what you really want out of life.

5) Break your goal into a series of steps, focusing on creating sub-goals that are concrete, measurable, and time-based.

6) Tell your friends and family about your goals, thus increasing the fear of failure and eliciting support.

7) Regularly remind yourself of the benefits associated with achieving your goals by creating a checklist of how life would be better once you obtain your aim.

8) Give yourself a small reward whenever you achieve a sub-goal, thus maintaining motivation and a sense of progress.

9) Make your plans and progress concrete by keeping a hand-written journal, completing a computer spreadsheet or covering a notice board with graphs or pictures.

10) Expect to revert to your old habits from time to time. Treat any failure as a temporary set-back rather than a reason to give up altogether.

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