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Finding the Right Mantra

Posted in For Fun,How-To,Meditate,Meditation by Harmony on December 14, 2009

Being able to focus the mind is one of the hardest things when learning to meditate.  Having a mantra helps.  Finding a mantra is one thing, but how about finding The Right Mantra for Your Type?  Click on the link to read a short article about finding the right mantra based on your Dosha.  You’ll need to take a short, fun quiz to find out what your Dosha is.  Take a few minutes to learn more about yourself, and then find the right mantra for you.

Now that your curiousity has been peaked and you want to learn more about Mantras, read this article on The Value of a Mantra by Deepak Chopra.


Yoga Day USA – January 23, 2010

Posted in For Fun,Yoga by Harmony on December 8, 2009

Join Yoga Alliance in celebrating the spirit of Yoga next month. Visit their site Yoga Day USA
to find a workshop or class near you. Many of these classes are being offered for free, or nearly free, by many registered yoga teachers on January 23rd. You could use this day to try Yoga for the first time, to advance your practice, or just to enjoy the energy that a yoga class gives.

Hope to see you there!

Trance Meditation with Ganesha

Posted in For Fun,Meditation by Harmony on November 30, 2009

Before starting the following video, find a quiet location and a comfortable meditation position. This meditation session is just under 10 minutes long. It is not a guided session, so you may wish to have a ‘mantra’. Focus your eyes on the video, focus your mind on your mantra, and let the sounds guide you.

If you are a beginner and want to learn how to meditate, you might want to consider a guided meditation session such as Meditation Moments.  The short sessions is easy for beginners or for those with busy schedules.

Kundalini Yoga on the Ball

Posted in For Fun,Stability Ball / Yoga Ball,Yoga by Harmony on November 24, 2009

A series of short clips of a DVD, this video will introduce you to how to incorporate a Yoga Ball (aka Stability Ball) into your practice.  The video is less than 4 min and is located in a beautiful setting – perhaps Utah?  I’m guessing.


Yoga in Rolling Sands

Posted in For Fun,Yoga by Harmony on November 14, 2009

What better way to share the joy of yoga, then to share this video with Shiva Rea in White Sands National Monument?  Yoga in rolling sands…seemed fun and appropriate!