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10 Back Exercises Using a Pull Up Bar

Posted in Core/Fitness,Doorway Gym Bar,How-To by Harmony on May 27, 2011

Try these ten different exercises to improve back muscle strength using your Doorway Gym / Chin Up Bar.  These versatile Gym Bars offer versatility to your exercise program.  Do chin ups, pull ups, press ups and sit ups with this bar, working a variety of muscles throughout your body.


10 Pull Up/Chin Up Variations

Posted in Core/Fitness,Doorway Gym Bar,How-To by Harmony on May 6, 2011

Add variety to your workout – try these variations to your chin up or pull up routine. Use a convenient Doorway Gym Bar which easily installs in a doorway frame of your home and still allows the door to close.

10 Ab Exercises with a Chin Up Bar

Posted in Core/Fitness,Doorway Gym Bar,How-To by Harmony on April 1, 2011

Granted, not all of these ab exercises can be done at home with your doorway chin up bar, but it will get the creativity flowing for your home practice!  These exercises are for those who are looking to advance their chin up routine.  Build up your strength with your home doorway chin up bar before taking your workout outside to the park like this gentleman.

Tips for Doorway Chin Up Bar

Posted in Core/Fitness,Doorway Gym Bar,How-To by Harmony on March 4, 2011

Having trouble getting started with your chin ups? Check out this short video for two suggestions on how to begin your practice and build up your strength using your at-home doorway chin up bar. The Sunny Health & Fitness doorway bar is called a gym bar because not only can it be installed at the top of your door frame for pull ups and chin ups, but in can also be installed at the bottom of the door frame for sit ups and press ups. Great to add variety to workout and to build all over body strength.

Performing the Perfect Pull Up

Posted in Core/Fitness,Doorway Gym Bar,How-To by Harmony on September 24, 2010

Doing Chin Ups and Pull Ups at home just got easier.  Ok, so the exercises themselves are still challenging to most of us and we can’t help make the exercise any easier, but we can help make practicing them easier with the new Doorway Gym Chin Up Bar. With a quick and easy installation of this Gym Bar you can now practice chin ups, pull ups, sit ups, and press ups in the comfort of your own home.

Watch the following short video for specifics on how to do a Pull Up. So what’s the difference between a pull up and a chin up? The grip. In a pull up, your palms face away from you, and when doing a chin up, your palms face towards you.
Arm & Shoulder Workouts:
How To Do Pull Ups

Benefits of doing Pull Ups and Chin Ups:

  • Build Muscle:  Pull-ups & Chin-ups force you to lift your own body weight. This stresses your body, building the muscles of your arms & back.
  • Grappling Strength:  Pull-ups & Chin-ups help any sport which involves gripping, grappling & pulling, like martial arts or Rock Climbing.
  • Carryover:   Get stronger at Pull-ups & Chin-ups and you’ll get stronger on the opposite movements: the Overhead Press & Bench Press.
  • Shoulder Health:  Balancing press exercises like the Bench Press with pull exercises like Barbell Rows & Pull-ups prevents muscle imbalances.