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Exercises with Small Balance Pods

Posted in Core/Fitness,How-To,Small Balance Pods,Yoga by Harmony on April 9, 2010

These small balance pods are a very versatile tool to add to your exercises, and even your yoga practice. By adding a balancing challenge to your routine, you’ll strengthen your core and get an all-over body workout.  Jess goes over a number of exercises and provides some nice cues to doing them well.  But don’t just limit yourself to the exercises she teaches…I’m sure this video will give you ideas on what other yoga poses or ab exercises in which you could incorporate these balance pods.


Get Unstable for Quick Results

Posted in Balance Discs,Core/Fitness,How-To,Small Balance Pods by Harmony on December 4, 2009

Click on the picture to see some of the leg and lower body exercises you can do with a 13″ Balance Disc.

Legs / Lower Body Workout

Legs / Lower Body Workout

By adding an unstable surface to your current exercise routines, you’ll activate smaller muscles and tendons to help maintain your balance. Challenge yourself and get quicker results!  You could also use Small Balance Pods in these examples, with some slight variations.

At Rolling Sands Harmony, we offer two different Balance Discs – one by TKO and another by Natural Fitness which is Phthalate-free.